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Garden architecture Studio Marge

For many years Jaap Postuma has been the garden architect on campus of the Twente Technical University, one of his many jobs in the green sector during his 20-year experience with Grontmij NV, a well-established consultancy and engineering office operating in the Netherlands as well as at an international level.

That is the reason why we consider it a privilege to share this experience with others. In recent years we designed more than one hundred gardens for private individuals.
We are currently on call as garden consultants in combination with Windgroep Architecten en Ontwikkelaars, a pioneering organisation aimed at architecture and property development.

As well as drafting green designs for zoning plans and (large-scale) housing projects, we are sometimes faced with exciting challenges, such as the entry feature for the watery subdivision "De Sanding" in Drachten.