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Info panels

Infopaneel Studio Marge Bedrijfsbord Studio Marge

We produce info panels as specified by the client:
Large, small, full-colour, black & white or as a line engraving.....

The client also decides on the size and the choice of material, of course.  We can pride ourselves on 15 years of experience by now and we know all about this line of business.

For instance, we provided full-colour panels by silk-screen process on ceramic steel as well as reproductions attached to transparent plastics. As far as standing systems are concerned, we can show you several examples, such as standing, reading desk or wall models in combination with wooden constructions, powder-coated aluminium, copper, and stainless steel or basalt constructions.

Ceramic steel is the most expensive solution for sure, but it is also colourfast forever, extremely weatherproof and, except for brute force, gives maximum protection against vandalism.

The info panels portfolio (following the info panels) also comprises our village street maps and company signage.