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Jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles Studio Marge

In small quantities an exclusive promotional gift, in larger quantities a giveaway on e.g. trade fairs or a commercially interesting product for sales promotion.

In particular the first order from the Ameland tourist information office in 1993 created a knock-on effect.
Many other jigsaw puzzles would follow.

In our digital era the jigsaw puzzle would appear to be a relic from the past. And yet we observe in the retro atmosphere a revaluation of this beautiful promotional gift. Factors such as slowing down from the rat-race, the rediscovery of family activities inside the home, and even physicians recommending jigsaw puzzles as a relaxing therapy, are playing an important role.

Our jigsaw puzzles are suitable for children and serve an educative purpose. We produce 1000-piece puzzles for grown-ups as well as 20 or 50-piece puzzles for the little ones.
The puzzles are printed onto certified environmentally friendly cardboard and sold in sealed boxes.

N.B.: We do not provide single copies for sale.
The jigsaw puzzles are sold exclusively via our clients as long as stocks last.