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Miscellaneous Studio Marge

Some assignments are very special and outside the scope of the above categories.

These are often unique original copies, with or without a cut-out mat and frame delivered to the client.
Or it may be a compilation for a large-size flag, or a wire model to be used for an engraving in the stainless steel door of a waste-disposal container.

Sometimes we abandon the drawn-up style and create a digital experiment, with much satisfaction for that matter. We would be pleased to show you some examples of such projects.
Designing websites, not surprisingly in our modern times, is also more and more in demand.
For now, we limit ourselves to the analogue design lines and outsource the technical realisation to other professionals.

Also from a digital viewpoint we keep up with the times. However, we keep saying that any project, no matter in which shape or form, starts off with a line on a piece of paper!